Mary has an interview with Melissa Faye Greene which you can find here and part 2 about her book There is no Me Without You. I really need to read this book. It might rain this weekend, so maybe we’ll take the kids to the library and look for it (I’m much more likely to finish it if I have a deadline).

I really like this quote (and not (just) because she uses parentheses in her writing):

The AIDS orphans are not grim waifs, devoid of desire and hope; they are darling loving playful CHILDREN who deserve to grow up, to live. We must intervene to help them. Not by adoption (which touches fewer than one percent of Africa’s orphans), but by helping the children’s parents to live, by allowing the world to generate fewer orphans.

Note: she’s an adoptive mother, so it’s not like she’s saying that adoption is a bad thing.