Didn’t get to the library.  Instead we decided to get Meron’s room finished up.  We’ve been trying to get her out of her room and into the extra bedroom for a little while.  Their current bedroom is a big room (10 x 20?) but 3 kids in one room has started to take its toll on us, mostly when the baby is trying to nap and the older kids can’t use their bedroom.  Meron has shared a room for all her life, so we could see how she didn’t really have a desire to move into her own room.  So we did what all good smart parents do…we bribed her with Dora sheets.

We’ve been working on the room for a few weeks, but we still had to paint, frost the windows on the French doors that open onto the living room, rearrange furniture, and move her in.  Painting got done on Saturday.  The kids helped with one wall and didn’t make too much of a mess.  We got most of the paint off them although I think E. still has some in his hair this morning.  The frosting got finished on Sunday (I had already done one of the doors).

By the end I felt like one of those home improvement shows where they have a have to finish by a certain time (bed time in our case).  They start taking shortcuts and throwing stuff everywhere just to finish up.  Her closet doors still aren’t done and the closet needs some more shelves.

But it looks pretty good; a lot better than when we used it as an office/junk room.  Dora on the comforter is pretty close to life size, which is a little shocking when you walk in to the room.  Boots isn’t quite as big, but still, a big blue, yellow, and pink monkey(?) is a bit alarming too.