We had asparagus last night. This morning my pee smelled. Coincidence…no, not exactly. Appearently asparagus contains a sulfur containing compound called mercaptan which is broken down by an enzyme which creates a stinky compound, methanethiol. Which ironically may be a narcotic at high concentrations (don’t worry I didn’t go drinking my pee).

Appearently some people don’t have the enzyme to make the stinky compound and others don’t have the receptor to smell the compound. Lucky me, I got both. How about you?

Note: if you can’t smell it, you’re going to have to find a smelly friend’s pee (you might want to refer to them as a friend who’s pee smells) to figure out if you’re missing the enzyme or the receptor. You could ask them to smell your pee, but I suggest asking for one of their samples so as to not make it awkward 😀