When we last left our famed duo (Susan and I), we were off to Ethiopia to pick up Meron and Estifanos. Their referral information said that they had a younger sister who wasn’t available for adoption. We got to Ethiopia after a very long trip (14 hour layover in London) and got picked up from our hotel by the orphanage director. He took us to the guesthouse (a block away from the big kid orphanage), we met some of the families staying there, he offered us some coffee. I replied in my most sincere tone, “Umm, no, We’d really like to meet MY kids.” So he took us to the older kid orphanage. We met the kids and hung out with them all day. The two of us went back to our hotel and crashed (it’s now been about 48 hours since we left our house and have only had minimal sleep in airplane seats).

The next day we were at the guesthouse filling out paperwork for the embassy and the orphanage director comes up and says, “You know they have a younger sister.”
“Yeah, we’ve read all their paperwork” (3 or 4 times, but who’s counting)
“Well she is probably available for adoption are you interested?”
“Probably!?!?” …OK, so I don’t really remember what I said because I was in a little state of shock.

We saw Yordanos (the baby sister) twice while we were there. Once at the place she was staying, and then again when she was moved to the orphanage. They needed to do more paperwork to confirm she was adoptable, so we left it with “we will see” when we left the orphanage at the end of the week.

<One month goes by while we’re learning to be parents and busy with the new kids, but always in the back of our minds is that we’re eventually going to have to make a decision about her.>

This is a rather anticlimactic story since you know the end, so I’ll get to the point. Our adoption agency finally e-mails us and says that Yordie is adoptable. After praying and budgeting we decided that we could handle a 3rd so quickly (we had already been talking about adopting a 3rd after we got the referral since we kind of wanted the whole baby experience). Sacrifices were (are being) made, but we couldn’t be happier. Bigger-insta-family.

Obviously I’m being intentionally vague about some aspects of Yordie’s story since it’s hers to tell. Thanks in advance for not asking for more information about why her status changed.