I owlhavened myself by submitting one of my posts on reddit.  It caused quite a few hits (even more than Mary mentioning me):

Reddit stats
The interesting thing is that I submitted it on 10/21, but got most of my hits on 10/22…actually, that probably has to do with the time frame they use; I think it’s GMT for the stats.  It even caused me to get onto the growing blogs page (scroll to 67), which got me one extra hit.

I’m still getting hits from it, which kind of surprised me since I never got off the new part of reddit (because I didn’t get many votes).  Apparently people look really far down on the new list (there’s been 900+ things submitted since I put my post on there).  I only got 7 votes (4 up and 3 down) which I’m kind of surprised about; I vote up or down for about 50% of the things I read on reddit.  Feel free to go vote for it if you’d like (you’ll have to register, but it’s painless, I don’t think they even ask for an e-mail).

Not sure if people stayed and looked around or just went back to reddit.  I guess we’ll see if the stats keep up.

I assume it’s normal to be obsessed with stats when you start a blog?