You may have too much stuff from Ikea when you go to put the hex wrench they give you in your tool box and you find a drawer full of them.  But Meron has a nice new desk….which already has crayon writing on it; perhaps white wasn’t the best color to choose, although it does look good with the rest of the furniture in her room.

We went to Sea World on Saturday.  It’s great having annual passes because you can stay for just  a few hours and not feel like you wasted money by not staying from opening to closing.  Plus you don’t end up with overly cranky tired children.

When we decided to become parents, I don’t think I was prepared for this: Children can be so childish.  We had 3 meltdowns before breakfast on Saturday.  I don’t even remember what they were all about (because they were so childish).  I guess this is something you just get used to?  I’ve been trying to see it though their eyes, which helps a little, but sometimes I just want to shout, “GROW UP!!”