Susan pointed out that I have no pictures on here and some college friends asked us to e-mail them some, so I’m killing two requests at once. Here they are in no particular order.

In the pool:
Pool 2

Story time:
Book time
Yordie’s first night home (don’t worry, we have beds for everyone (actually we have one extra) and they get used almost every night:
sleeping kids
Yordie and Nana:
Yordie and Nana
Yes, that’s mom in the back getting squished:
All 3 on the couch
Estifanos and Yordanos helping with the laundry:
This one is kind of old (notice how short Meron’s hair was when she first came home), but I still really like it:
Like father like daughter:
Yordie likes beer
All together:

Next up: Adding an avatar to my profile.  I just need to find the perfect picture…..