Tuesdays seem like as good a day as any to rant, so here it goes:

We moved from the main church to the crying room (a room to the side of the alter with plexiglass between us and “them”) when Yordie started babbling uncontrollably. Actually I’m sure she could control it, she just doesn’t quite understand the request, “Be quiet”, and does it at the most inopportune times. But I digress…

Now, just because the priest and most of the members of the congregation can’t hear you, doesn’t give you the right to let your children do whatever they want. You’re still in church for heaven’s sake! There’s still adults around you trying to listen to the sermon. If your baby starts to cry, take them outside. And, perhaps most important, you can’t let your older kid just play uncontrollably.  If they can’t/won’t pay attention to the priest, have them sit quietly.  Read a book, color, anything but driving a Thomas the Train all over the pew.  Please remember that your seat back is also our kneeler and it’s a little hard for me to convince my kids to pay attention in church when your son is driving his train right past their faces yelling, “It’s mine, don’t touch it, you can’t have it”.

Stepping down now.

Feel free to tell me I’m full of it, or that you agree, just please, say something (comment), so that I know you’re there.