The Google toolbar works for me:
Now you’re thinking, “my webbrowser already has a search engine built into the toolbar; maybe it even searches Google.” Well this is way more than a search bar. There are so many great things about this add-on but here’s my top few:

  • The search engine area guesses what you want as you type (great for people who can’t spell and to add words that might trigger a better search)
  • There’s a spell checker (great for people who can’t spell) which allows you to spell check stuff you write on the web (comments, posts to yahoo groups, etc)
  • The auto link will find addresses on the web page you’re looking at and make them links to maps (no more copy and paste into google maps in a new tab/browser)
  • Highlight search terms – ever do a search, go to a web page, and then are unable to find the information on the web page? This allows you to quickly search the webpage to find the word you used in the search.
  • Warns you when you’re about to go to a phishing site (OK, I’ve never actually used this feature since I’m not stupid enough to follow those links, but in case I have a brain fart, it’s there protecting me in the background)

There’s a bunch of other potentially useful stuff, but that’s about all I use it for. It’s available for Internet explorer or Firefox. It works for me.