It was a rough night. Really, it started when we put the kids to bed. Yordie has been having trouble going to sleep for a couple of weeks now.  I don’t know if it’s that she is getting too much sleep at daycare or what, but more nights than not, she’ll cry as soon as you leave the room.  If you stay in the room, she’ll be quiet, but she’ll just play in her crib and not go to sleep.

So, last night was no exception, except that she was keeping up Estifanos, who normally will fall asleep fairly quickly and sleep through anything.  So we just got her out of her crib and let her hang out with us until she was tired.  Which, of course, caused Estifanos to complain that he couldn’t stay up.  After convincing him (again), that he was a big boy and needed to sleep (and switching him from the top to the bottom bunk), the 3 of us settled in to watch Jericho, now half taped on the DRV.  5 minutes later, Estifanos is up, complaining again.  So Susan goes in and lays down with both of them.  30 minutes later, everyone is finally asleep and we can finish the show.

Fast forward to 5:00 am (I think, or maybe it was 3 or 4…hey, wait, that’s a song), anyway, Yordie gets up, which has been happening 2-3 times a week.  I can’t really settle her down, so I put her in our bed and she settles right down into my spot, while I go to the bathroom (while I’m up).  After getting her moved over, I settle in for the rest of my sleep.  Some time later (now I’m sure this was around 5:00, but I’m not sure how long I’ve slept, thus the uncertainty earlier), Estifanos climbs in bed.  While he’s settling down, he states, “I’m hungry”.  Now I’m a good parent and want to fulfill all my child’s needs, but I would really like my last 36 minutes of sleep thankyouverymuch, and thankfully he took, “it’s night time, we’ll get you breakfast in the morning” for an answer.

So now we’ve got 2 kids, 120 pounds of dog (between the two of them) and the two of us in the bed while I try and get my last little bit of sleep.  So I have to ask, “Do they make double-King beds?”