I’m trying to create a new header for the blog. I really like this font:

on the fly text

But I can’t figure out what it is. Anyone have any clue? Anyone have any other suggestions on a similar font (I like how to Th and Fl stick together)?

In case your thinking, “then how did you paste it in there?” It’s from the dashboard of wordpress and I took a snapshot of the screen. I tried to copy and paste the text into MS Word, but it guessed it was Lucida Grande, which it’s not. I can even copy/paste it into this post:

On The Fly

But the only HTML tag (when I switch to the HTML editor) is H1, which isn’t very useful, now is it. <EDIT> and when I now look at the post, it’s not there. But it’s still on the editor, honest.  If you don’t believe me, highlight the blank area above.

Perhaps if you figure it out for me, I’ll make you a badge that you can put on your blog (right after I make the new header).