We went to our first birthday party this weekend.  What’s the protocol for 4 year-olds birthdays?  We brought the whole family and stayed the entire time (but ate our own food).  As was expected, Estifanos only interacted with the birthday party about half of the time.  It’s pretty clear that 4 year-olds don’t get much out of having their friends at birthday parties, so we’re sticking to our plan of having a family only party for E. next month.

Things I learned this weekend as a (rather new) parent:

  1. Crayons melt at a temperature between 128-147 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Southern California Santa Annas can cause enough warmth to heat up a car to that temperature, even in October.  Anyone have suggestions on how to get it out of the door handle hole?
  3. Chuck E. Cheese is not nearly as obnoxious as I thought.  I’m guessing this has a lot to due to my very low expectations going into the party.  It’s a little overpriced and we’re probably not going to go there very often, but I was remembering a lot of annoying animated characters playing bad music and it turns out that Charles’ band has gotten a lot better.  They mostly played cover tunes which sounded identical to the original artists, so it was not nearly as annoying as I expected.
  4. 4 year-olds are scared of the live version of the over-sized mouse.  The whole table freaked out (tears and all) when he came out to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday (good thing we stayed).