We probably get that comment half the time we are out and about with our children. I’m just not sure how to interpret the comment. If they were my biological children, I guess they’re saying, “Nice choice of a mate, your genes really work well together.” But what’s the point in telling me I have beautiful children; I had very little to do with it (except maybe the hair styling and Susan picked out the clothes). Maybe I’m not obsessed with beauty enough (although I know they are beautiful). Maybe I’m self-consciously worried the commenters are racist and saying “Your children are so beautiful….for black people” since more often than not it’s a white woman saying it. Perhaps I’m just conscious of the fact that they are adopted and I’m afraid they’re saying, “Well, you lucked out in the adoption lottery.”

I don’t know, but in case you hadn’t guessed by now, it kind of bugs me.  But alas, I just reply, “Thank you,” and move on.

Stepping down.