Top 5 (in order of seriousness) things I found on the web this week:

  • Frontline did an article about which allows everyday people to give out microloans. What I like about this program is that, as best I can tell, (their website is down due to the publicity) it’s not a donation to the organization, but a loan to a specific entrpenure in a developing nation that you get to pick out. And then, you get repaid (and hopefully loan it out again). Go check out now (and go back later if there servers are still down)!
  • Why the Iranians are unlikely to have a revolution anytime soon (hat tip reddit)
  • Researchers now think they know why SIDS babies die.
  • Toddler gets stuck in vending machine (Pic) – apparently it happens more than you’d think (I found the “more than you’d think” blog while tag surfing parenting, honest, I wasn’t searching any other key words)
  • Have you ever wondered what percentage of charts resemble pac-man? (hat tip reddit)
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