Do you have family members calling you at all hours of the night asking what your kids want for the holidays/birthdays? Do you feel a little weird making suggestions without knowing their price range (or maybe even what the present costs)? Do you loose track of who you told to buy what?

Now the simple solution is to set up a registry at a (toy) store, but then people have to buy stuff at that one store. What if frugal aunt finds it for 20% off at a different store? Or that store isn’t close to one of your relatives?


You enter the stuff you (your kids) want and friends/family/random people who read your blog can go and check stuff off as they buy it. It’s free; they appear to make their money by pointing you to partner websites that sell stuff on your list, but you’re under no obligation to buy it from them. In fact, you can enter in stuff that isn’t even for sale (Only want one fruitcake this year? Enter it in and put 1 as your quantity requested). You can even set up a different wishlist for each kid and/or each event.

The only problem I see is that the “buy item” button is really a “reserve item” button in that it doesn’t buy anything and just takes it off the registry. Could get confusing for a computer-illiterate gradma. works for me. Go check out more Holiday ideas. I’ll get back to how to tweak Firefox next week.

After reading this it sound a lot like an advertisement. I have no stake in nor have they given me anything to say the above. I have just recently answered yes to the above questions (OK, so they didn’t call in the middle of the night). My first idea was a wiki that the relatives could edit, but that would require me to actually figure out how to set one up. Plus, I’m not sure grandma could handle editing a wiki. was the first thing I found when doing a google search. If you’ve got a better idea I’d love to hear it.