…or rather, what you think of what I’m reading.

Over the 3 days after my last web round up post:

142 people looked at the front page of my blog (OK, so that’s page views, it’s possible that it was just my Mom 141 times and you, my other reader, clicked once)
15 people realized I’m not against gay marriage
14 people are interested in random facts about Sesame Street
6 people may or may not be tone deaf (come on people, tell us what scores you got)
5 people didn’t believe my OJ story and needed to see the source (I told you he was crazy)
4 people think that color illusions are cool, but only…
2 people wanted to know how to make your own

Just trying to get an idea of what you all are interested in. Now you know what your fellow readers think is interesting to read.

If you missed the round up, it’s here.