Well, you knew it wasn’t going to last forever, the soap box needs a political slant every once and a while.

I think it might be time to change course in Iraq (what? you thought this was going to be controversial…don’t worry, keep reading). As of this Sunday, we’ll have been in Iraq longer than we were in World War II. We’ve been there long enough (and things haven’t been improving) to know that we need to make a change. But what? Clearly if we just pull out right now, things will go to hell and in a hand basket. Iraq will just become the next Afganistan. Not my idea of fun.

So here’s my solution. Sadahm did a fairly good job at ruling the country (at least he kept things under control and kept the lights on) although clearly we can’t put him back into power since he killed a few thousand people and attacked his neighbors (a few times). The Iraqis are clearly incapable of democracy, mostly because they hate each other so much. Therefore, I propose we set up a communist state (ie China). They need a strong government with the people having very little say (but well taken care to keep them happy). Popular? No, everyone thinks communism sucks and democracy rocks (or at least the best choice out of a whole bunch of poor choices) but I think it’s worth a try. Democracy only works if the people actually want it.

Stepping down.

If you’re a government official and you read my blog, feel free to use this idea as your own. No credit is necessary. In fact, I’d really prefer it that way because I don’t want to get blamed if it doesn’t work.