Short week (I prepublished on Wed), so it’s a short list.  The top 3 things I found on the web this week; all food related because that’s apparently all I was thinking about this week.

  •  Need a substitute for an ingredient you don’t have, check out the Cook’s Thesaurus (hat tip
  • Holliday drink recipes (I think this one was from too)
  • Pieces shares a simple recipe for overnight pull aparts.  Heidi’s extra rich christmas rolls actually sound a little better to me, but we do a big Christmas Eve at our house, so I don’t think there is enough time to be making anything that requires rolling dough.

Go ahead, click away.  I promise I won’t share which ones are your favorites.
You should really be hanging out with your family on this long weekend, but if you need more web surfing, check out previous Web Round Ups.