So, two weeks ago, I tried to convince you that you should switch your browser to Firefox because it’s so much faster (and suggested a few add-ons to make it even faster). This week I’ll tell you how to make it prettier so you enjoy your browsing experience and next week we’ll add even more function to it.

I’m not one for beauty, but you can actually customize your firefox browser to look like almost anything. Want a pink browser?

Maybe you like to change your browser with the season:

or perhaps you’re just into cats?

Maybe not, but you can search/browse the other themes here. Just a word of warning, the newest version of Firefox (2.0) is fairly new, so many of the themes have not upgraded yet. Check the “works with:” line to make sure it will work with 2.0.

If you like the browser the way it is (me too, gray is just my thing). These other ideas are a little more subtle:


This picture of my actual browser…a window into what I was browsing yesterday a week ago (since there was no WFMW last week) shows two add ons, Colorful Tabs and FaviconizeTab. Colorful Tabs does just what it says, it makes your tabs (you are using tabs, aren’t you?) colorful. It’s really helpful for being able to click on a specific tab, especially when you’ve made them small with the Faviconize add-on. If you’re like me and you have a habit of having a lot of open tabs, faviconizing the tabs will give you a lot more room. One hint for Faviconize: the preferences allow you to set a click (I have mine set to Alt-click) so you can Faviconize a window without dealing with the Ctrl-click menu).

If you’ve got buttons in the top section of your browser that you don’t use (like the homepage button, who ever uses that button?), you can get rid of them fairly easily using the steps outlined here. It’s not for the faint of heart (requires some editing of a text file), but either is plucking your eyebrows and I see women with plucked eyes all the time.

And here’s some additional tweaks that are less intense. I did these two:
Tab width before scrolling kicks in
Tab close buttons (I turned it off (2) because I use Tab Mix Plus which I’ll talk about next week.

And I also did the session restore trick which isn’t really a beauty thing, but why wait a week.

That’s it for looks. If you’ve got a beauty add-on that I missed, leave it in the comments. Next week (and probably the week after since there’s a lot), getting your browser to do cool things for you. Beautiful browsing works for me.