Well it finally happened.  I figured we would have until she was at least old enough to have a science lesson about where kids come from until we’d have to deal with this.  But it’s started in kindergarten.  No, not that.  I’m talking about having to deal with the fact that were not related biologically to our children like (probably) everyone else in her class.

We got this note the other day about how the class is going to be studying the backgrounds of the kids, so would you please fill out this form with your heritage.  Great, except there’s two lines: one for Mom and one for Dad.  Yeah, like that information is really going to help to study the heritage of my kid.  Pondering what to do for a minute; we decided to just make a 3rd line for her and filled out all three lines.  After all, while she’s not biologically Swiss, Italian, Croatian, Polish, British, Portuguese, etc (yeah, we had to write small on the paper), she certainly has integrated many of our traditions in the short time since she’s been with us.  And we have adopted many things from the Ethiopian culture into our family.

I’m sure this is probably just one of many times we’ll have to deal with not being “normal”.  Oh well, such is the things you have to deal with when adopting.

While we’re on the subject, check out this great article about a N.O. Saints linebacker who’s Japanese by adoption (hat tip Martha).