December 2006

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It has been an amazing week in our house.  We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family, which no words can describe how great it was to see our three kids enjoyment in the holiday.  We started off at the end of last week with baking.  That was especially fun for my four year old who always brings his stool everywhere and states, “I want to help you.”  My kids also worked on making Christmas ornaments to give out to family members.  We were working on the giving aspect along with the getting aspect of the holiday.    Then on Saturday we spent the day at Sea World.  We enjoyed a holiday Shamu show and many other festvities at the park. On Christmas eve we spent time with family.  We opened many presents, and enjoyed the time with the family.  Santa came on Christmas morning bringing our oldest a Barbie bike, and the younger kids a play kitchen which, has provided hours of entertainment.  We enjoyed church on Christmas and then visited with more family in the afternoon.  On Tuesday we took the kids on a bike ride at the lake.  Two parents helping two kids with training wheels and  pushing a fussy toddler in a stroller makes for quite a relaxing afternoon for the parents. Although the kids were nervous about riding their bikes downhill and are still getting the concept of pedaling there were no major falls and fun was had by all.  This weekend we will be going out of town to visit with more family.  As the holiday season comes to an end I realize how much more enjoyable Christmas is now that I have my kids.  I also realize I can’t imagine my life before them.  They are so much a part of me.

One more photo with the cool Black and White + a little color trick. I’m not sure why Yordie is more likely than the other kids to be in photos that are conducive to this technique. Maybe it’s that the other kids can sit still for a photo.  Can anyone who owns this kid I-pod figure out what else I did to the photo?

Yordie I-pod

Family 2006

Merry Christmas

from our family

to yours

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Yordie and Zane

That’s Yordie with her cousin Zane who is 3 months her junior. Want to know how to make a photo like this?  The link will be in tomorrow’s Web Round Up.  Susan has a good post below this one if you haven’t checked it out yet.

It has been an amazing time, this my first Christmas with my three kiddos to see how having children changes the whole holiday season.  As I sat on fire engine ride with my four year old a week ago at a Christmas festival, I thought, I don’t even remeber this ride being here last year.  But, mostly likely, I didn’t notice that attraction.  To watch my children dance to Christmas music and talk about how many days are left til Santa comes down the chimmney make the holiday season great.  I also find humor in what they determine or learn from friends at school about the holidays.  The other day, my five year old just randomly stated, “Santa is kind of fat maybe he shouldn’t eat desserts everynight.”  My four year old’s favorite song is “We miss you a Merry Christmas.”  I have also watched them grow and change in the last 8 months.  My 5 1/2 year old told me the other night, “We didn’t live here last year on Christmas.  Christmas was different in Ethiopia.  But it is very far away.” She told me that they had watched a video about Ethiopia in her class, and she told all her friends that Ethiopia is where she is from. She also has  been so immersed in American culture now.  She waits for Santa to bring her the Barbie bike and other toys she asked for and can’t imagine a world not only without television, but without TIVO.  She recently asked me as we were watching live television, “Can’t you fast forward through the commercial?” 

My son has also changed.  A couple of weeks ago he was having surgery and he was in recovery and the nurse asked me”Does he speak another language?”  I quietly said unforuantely not anymore.  He also has his friends, Chuck E Cheese and a world where people ask “Where is he from? Here or somewhere else?”  He unlike his sister does not like to talk about his past.  He prefers pizza to Ethiopian food if given the chance. 

I wonder about our 19 month old who knows no life, but America.  What will she be like?  So my wish for my kids this holiday season is that, as we do at every meal, we pray an Ethiopian prayer that they recited the first day we met them.  They do not know what it means anymore, but it centers our day around the two worlds that my husband and I try to unite for our children.  So we can raise amazing Ethiopian American adults.  I look forwad to the week ahead and Santa’s arrival at our house.  Peace.

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