I won some hair snaps from Mary, so I thought I’d show you what they look like. Then I thought I’d show how Meron’s hair has changed over the last year. Then I finally got time to crop the photos. So here it is:

Jan 2006 (?) referral photo (it’s a scan of a printout of a small photo, so that’s why it’s so grainy):


Feb 2006 (thanks to a traveling family for this one):

Feb 06

April 2006 (getting longer; first photo we took of her):


June 2006:

june 06

July 2006 (finally long enough for puffs):

July 2006

August 2006 (first day of Kindergarten):


October 2006 (Princess Lea puffs (and some fuz) to go along with the face painting):

Oct 06

November 2006: Finally long enough for braids. The snaps are the things at the ends of the braids for you uninitiated in snapaholics anonymous:

snapssnaps back

Editors note to my daughter if she finds this post in a few years: I picked the best photos showing off your hair that didn’t have weird backgrounds. Sorry about the bad smiles in some of them.