So Wednesday was spent mostly waiting; lots and lots of waiting.  We arrived at Children’s hospital and waited to find a parking place.  Then we waited to be admitted and signed a whole slew of papers.  Then we traveled down the hall and waited at surgery check-in.  The doctor finally showed up and suddenly we were rushing to finish up the pre-op stuff so that he could go into the catheterization room.  After we got him set up on the table and he fell asleep (happy gas…yummy), we were, yes you guessed it, waiting again.

We decided to get an early lunch since we figured we would be busy later with Estifanos.  For once we didn’t have to wait, because when we came back up to the waiting room 30 minutes before he should have been out of surgery, low and behold, the doctor was just arriving to say that they were done.  In retrospect, I probably should have been freaked out when I saw him that the something had gone terribly wrong.  But instead the doctor explained that they weren’t able to use the balloon to correct the problem (that was the more likely outcome).  They were able to get better measurements than with the echocardiogram, so that should help us make a decision about what to do next.

Then there was more waiting.  We waited for him to wake up.  Then each of us waited by ourselves while the other one was in with him during the first phase of the post-op.  Finally, in the second phase of post-op (where they disconnect all the machines except the IV and just check on you every 30 minutes), we got to wait together…for another 4 hours.  About 1 hour into it, he was awake enough to want his IV out (which wasn’t allowed).  About 2 hours into it, he wanted to go home.  And told us that for the next 2 hours straight.

1 Mickey Mouse, 1 Winnie the Poo, and 2 Elmo movies later, we got to go home.  He’s fine, running around, and hasn’t thrown up since the first stage of post-op (and he’s had a lot of food since).  Apparently he doesn’t have nearly as bad a reaction to anesthesia as his parents who both had horrible experiences with it after surgeries when they were kids.

At least we got 90% of our holiday cards done.