I guess I am the big surprise.  So who am I am.  Well I thought I woulld tell you 30 interesting facts about me, since I am a 30 year old mom.

30.  I am not computer savy, so often times I don’t understand Works for me Wednesday too well.

29.  I was raised by the beach in CA, and although I lived in Northern California and Chicago for many years my heart was always in So. Cal at the beach.

28.  I have two dogs and two cats who satsified my maternal instinct while, Brian got his PhD.

27.  I am the youngest of two daughters.

26.  I love to travel and garden.

25.  I had never really changed a diaper until August.

24.  I am an organizer and with three little kids, I have learned to be flexible.

23.  I always saw myself as having 2 kids, but now I can imagine having four someday.

22.  I have four seats in my car and three car seats.

21.  I love reading to my kids.

20.  I have a great family who has supported Brian and I on our journey to family.

19.  I am a great advocate for my kids.  They are my world.  The other day a preschool teacher commented on how my son was having problems writing his name. I got so mother on her.  “He just turned four.  He has nine letters in his name.  He is not starting school for a year and a half.  He has only been in the US six months.”

18.  My dogs who are 50 and 100 pounds both sleep in bed with me.

17.  I have a masters degree in social work.

16.  I work with homeless mentally ill people.

15.  I love to wake up next to my 19 month old slobbering on me.  It is the best feeling.

14.  I make my kids lunches everyday.

13. I met my husband in Mexico building houses.

12. We have been married 7 years.

11. We met in college and had a When Harry Met Sally relationship.

10. I love John Hughes movies and pop culture.

9. I love to watch my daughter play soccer, even though she kicks it in the wrong direction half the time.  She is five when holding hands with friends is more important than scoring goals.

8. I love to walk or run when I have time.

7. I am blessed with a loving, cute, and supportive husband.

6. I love having three kids to come home to everynight.

5.   I love that my four year old son thinks we look exactly alike except he is “brown and I am yellow.”

4. I know who Cailou is.  I watch him 20 times daily with my son.

3.  I have been to Ethiopia twice in the last year.

2.  I became a mother in April, but feel like I have known my kids their whole lives.

1.  I am a mother of three amazing kids.