I’m not sure what I expected from a government agency that changed its name twice in 6 months. But I was surprised to open Yordie’s citizenship paperwork¬† and find out that she was listed as a male. Now at first I was excited since Estifanos, Dylan (the dog), and I are out numbered 3 to 6, but my fantasy was broken when I remembered that I had been changing diapers for a couple of months and knew for sure that she was a girl. Then I got freaked out that maybe she was listed as a male on her passport and wouldn’t that be fun to change from 9000 miles away. But you’ll be relieved to know that she was listed as a female on both her passport and her US issued visa. Now you would think that in this day and age, her vital statistics would be transported (and used to fill out the certificate) electronically, but apparently there’s a guy in the back of some office filling these things out on a selectric. I guess this really shouldn’t surprise me since they have a form which they send to all international adopting parents that has an expiration time crossed out and a new length of time it’s valid typed in at the bottom of the page. Now I figured that they just had stacks and stacks of these blank forms around and that they were saving trees and tax payer dollars by filling out the information on the old forms and having the word processor mark out the old expiration length and type in the new one. But no, I was in their office and they fill out the whole form and print it from a word document. No one thought to just change the expiration time rather than enter it with the cross out and the new time at the bottom? Maybe that requires an act of congress or something?

Anyway, there were instructions on how to get it fixed that came with the certificate (apparently this happens a lot), which included needing a new passport sized photo. Have you ever tried to get a passport photo of a 14 month old (yes, this was a few months ago, I couldn’t post this until we got the final one back lest the agency read it and hold up our certificate). Our attempts at getting the picture are under the fold.

If it hangs up on the first picture, use the slider to move past it to see the rest of the photos. Ironically, we ended up using the first photo we took.