I’ve told you why you should switch to firefox already: Because it’s faster, prettier, and more powerful. So I’m sure you’ve already switched. Here’s the latest trick I’ve just found.

You can search any search box on the web from inside your address bar. My 2 most helpful ones are “map XXXXXX” which automatically searches google maps and “dict XXXXX” which searches dictionary.com. But you can set up your browser to search any search box on any webpage. Maybe you’re constantly searching Mary’s site for how to clean up vomit? You could add “OH XXXXXXX” search function. Or maybe, you just need to know how much that present would cost at Amazon? Rather than going to the site, finding the search bar and typing in your search, just type “amazon *product name*” into the address bar. This website shows you how to add new search functions and even includes a download for a bunch of common searches to get you started.

Yep, that Works for me.