It has been an amazing week in our house.  We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family, which no words can describe how great it was to see our three kids enjoyment in the holiday.  We started off at the end of last week with baking.  That was especially fun for my four year old who always brings his stool everywhere and states, “I want to help you.”  My kids also worked on making Christmas ornaments to give out to family members.  We were working on the giving aspect along with the getting aspect of the holiday.    Then on Saturday we spent the day at Sea World.  We enjoyed a holiday Shamu show and many other festvities at the park. On Christmas eve we spent time with family.  We opened many presents, and enjoyed the time with the family.  Santa came on Christmas morning bringing our oldest a Barbie bike, and the younger kids a play kitchen which, has provided hours of entertainment.  We enjoyed church on Christmas and then visited with more family in the afternoon.  On Tuesday we took the kids on a bike ride at the lake.  Two parents helping two kids with training wheels and  pushing a fussy toddler in a stroller makes for quite a relaxing afternoon for the parents. Although the kids were nervous about riding their bikes downhill and are still getting the concept of pedaling there were no major falls and fun was had by all.  This weekend we will be going out of town to visit with more family.  As the holiday season comes to an end I realize how much more enjoyable Christmas is now that I have my kids.  I also realize I can’t imagine my life before them.  They are so much a part of me.