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Not sure if these people found their answers, but here they are:

1. Don’t! If you can’t avoid it (like lets say, your kid is in another country half way around the world), get your wife and mother-in-law to go pick up the baby 🙂

2. Tell him/her to stop. You may also find timeouts work well in these situations although ours have been accidental up to this point (at least with the 4 year old; the baby thinks hitting things (and people) is fun)

3. I’m assuming you got your answer.

4. Having filled out this form way too many times (considering we only had one adoption), I can tell you for certain that you want to put your local USCIS office if you’re having your child escorted or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia if you’re traving to get your child. Oh and congratulations on your impending adoption.