Not as timely as it was supposed to be (it got held up in draft form for a while), but here it is none the less:

OK, maybe this should have been obvious, but it’s been a long time since either of our families have had kids around at Christmas time (last Christmas we had our 3 month old nephew, but he wasn’t that much fun since he slept through most of it). Christmas is a lot more fun with kids.

We tried to keep things mellow so that we didn’t overstimulate the kids for their first  Christmas home.  But still, the “look daddy” at seeing their first Christmas lights, the wide eyes at seeing all the presents under the tree, and the joy they expressed at opening presents was something that just can’t be beat.

Susan has younger cousins and I have a younger sister, so hopefully they’ll keep our Christmases child-filled for many years to come because this year was really fun.  That or we’ll have to become one of those serial-adopters who doesn’t stop till Meron provides us grandchildren.