I am a mom of three kids so everywhere I go, I am a mom.  It is interesting because I took on this new role overnight.  I also think it is different than if you give birth or adopt a baby because you have time to adjust to one.  I sit in PTA meetings and think where has a year taken me?  I have a school age child, a preschooler, and a baby.    As a mom you jump into your role so quickly.  It is like instinct.  A friend of mine and I were discussing the other day adoption questions.  When she is introducing me to other people she often refers to me as, “This is my friend who adopted the three siblings from Ethiopia.”  I asked her when will you stop saying that and just say this is my friend she also has three kids.  She told me that she finds our adoption story fascinating.  It is a great story about how we were able to  keep three kids together, and about couple who had these three kids in our hearts long before we met them.  I want to keep their culture alive and their history, but at some point though, I just want to be their mom.  I love when I go to pick my son up at preschool and all his friends say, “Your mom is here.”  They do not look at him and I think about our differences.   I am just his mom.  Also whenever people ask about adoption they start asking personal questions.  Could you not have kids?  Where are their birth parents?  Are they alive?    I was in a doctor’s appointment this week and the nurse and doctor started asking me these type of questions.  I know that people are curious, but would you just walk up to someone you didn’t know and ask them personal questions.   It just always intrigues me how when it scomes to adoption people think they can ask anything.  At times the line between casual conversation and things shared with intimate friends and family is blurred.   Just a little rant about adoption issues.

Three interesting things my kids said this week that made me laugh.

My daughter said, “My face is a rainbow.”

My son stated in a dream, “Move over Cailou I don’t like you.”

And my baby’s new favorite word is “MINE.”