During the Christmas break, one kid came up to me and said, “I’m bored” within seconds the other said, “I’m hungry.” I’m sure if the baby hadn’t been sleeping, she, alway wanting to be like her older brother and sister, would have said, “I’m bored and hungry.” But I knew just what to do. I had printed out this recipe for Dab Kabo, an Ethiopian bread like snack, when Mary posted it, but we had never made it. So I whipped it out of the back of the recipe box and away we went:

Of course we didn’t have any wheat flour, but I figured we could substitute all purpose white flour. It ended up requiring a lot more water to make the dough than the recipe calls for, but the kids measured the flour into the bowl while I was busy getting other ingredients together, so they may have been heaping and/or packed cups.

The kids certainly had fun in step #2. After they rolled the pencils, we actually found that breaking off a piece and rolling it into a ball in out hands worked well.

For cooking I went with the skillet method, but it took a long time for each batch.  Even when the outside was brown, the inside wasn’t quite cooked, so we ended up covering the skillet with a top (careful when you open it as there will be steam).  In retrospect, I think the oven would be faster since you could cook them all at once.

They tasted pretty good.  Not as hot as flaming hot Cheetos (although I’m sure the addition of more berbere could fix that), but good none the less.  Overall, they aren’t the fastest of snacks, but if you’re looking for something to do with your kids, I’d highly recommend them.

Also, here’s additional sources of berbere.