instruction manualThe reason I started this blog (and titled it as such) is that we’re inexperienced parents learning as we go. I’m fairly certain that most of our readers are more experienced parents than we are (so why not draw on your knowledge). And I think I’ve got a large enough readership to have a contest (although you guys sure don’t comment very much).

So, without further ado, I’m introducing The Instruction Manual Award. We’ll play as questions in our lives come up (probably weekly). Best answer gets the award. Hang it on your wall, post it on your blog, do what ever all the other cool kids are doing with their awards.

So your question for the week: What’s the best way to get a baby/small child out of a full sized bath tub and into a towel without getting yourself and/or the floor soaked?

Feel free to answer in your blog and leave a link, especially if you need pictures (although please be smart about posting pictures of your child naked on the internet). I’ll pick the best answer on Monday.

Don’t worry the question will get harder.