instruction manualWow, 5 comments, that’s 5 more than I was expecting and 4 more than I was hoping for. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions.

We keep our house a bit on the cool side, so we were resisting draining the bath because a wet baby is a cold baby (on the other hand, the older kids get the plug pulled on them as a motivation to get out of the tub).

I’m going to give this weeks award to Alicia from Daughter of Hope for her comment mostly because it had a song and what toddler doesn’t like a song. Feel free to put the image on your blog (leave a comment if you need help). You’re also immortalized in the new Instruction Manual page which if we play long enough might actually become a nice parenting instruction manual.

There will be an new question tommorrow. Thi$ $entance i$ the only clue you’re going to get about what the topic will be.