I’ve decided that playgrounds are evil. Why you might ask? Did my kids fall off the monkey bars and hurt themselves? Did a kid punch one of my lovely children for no apparent reason? No, the reason I have a sudden dislike for the playground is that it’s where kids learn stuff from their peers and it’s completely unregulated out there. Two examples from the last couple of weeks:

When Meron comes home, we always ask her how her day was. Her response, “School is boring.”
We asked why. “I don’t know.”
“Do you know what borring means?” “No”
“Then why the heck are you saying it.” “My friends on the playground said school is boring.”

Sitting at the dinner table Meron calmly states, “Estifanos is going to die.”
“Meron, that’s not very nice.” “Why?” she asks.
“Do you know what it means to die?” “No”
I think if we had pressed we could have gotten a vague answer because it turns out they were playing “Superman” on the playground and someone was playing dead, but we decided to not press it so we could give her our view of what it means and why she shouldn’t say it.

Short of hanging out on the playground, I’m not sure what we can do to control her intake of knowledge from her peers. I’m sure part of the misinformation (like the boring comment) comes from kids with older siblings, but obviously we can’t ban her from playing with those kids (and I guess that means Estifanos and Yordie will likely be the facilitators of misinformation). I guess we’ll have to stick with what we’ve been doing, ask lots of questions and correct the misinformation.