instruction manualI never thought I’d be taking childrearing advice from my childless younger sister, but she does have lots of experience working with kids (and families) as a social worker. So, Theresa is this weeks winner.

Tomorrow’s question will be a follow up to this one.


Side rant, but not worthy of a whole post: I think I need to cut down on my RSS feeds (or people need to stop posting on the weekends). I had >250 posts in my Google Reader today. Now granted I didn’t read any posts this weekend, but still, 250+ is near impossible. I’m getting really good a skimming and I’ve got it down to 55 at the moment (including whatever the count went up by in the last 4 hours). All those people who send out partial feeds need to think about what they say in the first few lines of their post; ‘cuz if it doesn’t peak my interest, I’m not clicking though. </rant>