The most frequently asked questions Brian and I get is, “What is your life like?  Isn’t it hard having three kids all at once?” What is it like having siblings?”   That is such a hard question for me to answer because this is all I know.  I know that most people have or adopt one baby or child and then another, but our life plan was different.  In April I adopted two kids and three months later another. 

The other question I love is “Aren’t you tired?”  Of course, I am tired.  I have a 51/2 year old, a 4 year old and a 20 month old.  I also work full time as a social worker with homeless mentally ill people, and my husband is a post doctoral fellow who works long hours including the weekends.  It is exhausting at times don’t fool yourself.  Would I trade any of it though?  I love every minute of it.  

I loved making Valentine’s Day cards with my kids yesterday.  I love talking to my eldest about the days events in her 5 1/2 year old world, which usually  include boys chasing her or some funny farting story.  I love talking to my 4 year old about how he has a pretend house that you get to on a balloon.  Yesterday he asked me, “Mom why don’t you not go to work today, and we will go on my balloon.”  I love seeing my 20 month old’s face when I come to get her at preschool.  Her smile and laugh is contagious.   Her first words are always, “Mama Backpack.”  That means it is time to go home.  I have always wanted a family.   I waited and waited.  I was blessed with an amazing husband 7 years ago, but I always wanted to have a house full of kids.  I now have that dream.  I also have an amazing husband who is as involved as I am, which makes it that much easier. 

People often ask Brian and I about adopting sibling groups or older children.  I can’t answer that question for people.  I know for us it was the right thing to do.  I don’t know how much chaos or tough conversations about a child’s past others can handle.  I know it is chaotic, challenging, and tiring, but the best experience you will ever have.  I know there are kids that need homes in Ethiopia.  I know that sibling groups and older children are harder to adopt.   I know my 3 kids were in an orphanage a year ago.  I know my oldest today wakes up every day excited for another day in kindergarten, my son wakes up ready to go play with friends or go to his gymnastic class with his grandparents, and my youngest wakes up in bed with Brian and I not remembering a world before we were her parents.    So I am off to tackle another day.