Top 5 things I found on the web this week.  Less parenting stuff this week, but still some gems for you to check out:

  • A group in Washington state is trying to get the conservatives to put their money were their mouth is (or more likely, figure out that their argument is full of crap) so they are trying to pass a law that says all married people must have a kid within the first 3 years of marriage (you know, because that’s why gay people shouldn’t marry, because marriage is for people to have kids).  Unconstitutional?  I think that’s the point.  (Hat tip Strollerderby).
  • Adding the word “info” to a Google search will result in Wikipedia articles being first in the search results (Hat tip Lifehacker).
  • Kaz takes an airplane trip with his daughter.  There’s one good tip in there about sitting on the right side of the plane (as you’re walking down the aisle because it makes it easier to pull on the strap to tighten the belt, because you are pulling toward a seat, not toward the wall.  If you’re thinking about going to Disney Word, check out the rest of the series.
  • Make a photo cube.  Pretty cool project for a gift or to put on your desk (if only I had any more room). (Hat tip Lifehacker)
  • Got a melody stuck in your head, but can’t figure out the title or worse yet even the words?  Hum or sing it to the website Midomi and it will (try to) figure out the song for you.  (You guessed it, lifehacker again.  I’m like you’re own personal filter for lifehacker, brining you only the best of the >50 post per week).

Have a good weekend.