valentine’s day candyNow granted, this is our first Valentine’s Day with kids, so maybe this isn’t a shock to the rest of you. But when exactly did Valentine’s Day turn into this gigantic sugar fest? I really don’t remember getting this much candy on Valentine’s Day when I was a kid. Maybe we got a small box of chocolates from our parents or grandparents. Maybe mom shared some of her loot with us. But I never remember the haul being this big.

It seemed that almost every other card had a sucker or other holiday themed candy stuck to it. I started to get worried that the other kids were going to think our kids were cheapskates with their envelope-free mini cards. But when I asked Meron who had given her one of the self-indulgent items, she didn’t know, so I think we’re safe for another year. They finally came down from their sugar highs and crashed about 30 minutes past their bed times. Boy was it a fun night.

It’s going to take us close to a month to eat all this stuff. It’s no wonder our country has an obesity problem.