As is tradition, here’s 100 things about me.  I tried to make it meaty, thus the lack of posts yesterday when I realized that I was up to 99 already since I didn’t have time to finish it. Anyway, enjoy:

  1. I was born in Richmond, CA.
  2. The hospital isn’t there anymore.
  3. I was delivered C-section.
  4. My head was too big to fit through the exit.
  5. I came out with a full head of hair.
  6. I had to have my first haircut before my 1st birthday.
  7. The only person my parents could find that was willing to cut my hair was the family barber near my grandmother’s house.
  8. People thought I was retarded (this was before it was PC to say developmentally delayed) because my hair made me look much older than I was.
  9. I went to El Sobrante Elementary. (yes, El Sobrante means the leftovers; it was(is?) an unincorporated part of the county.
  10. I went to Juan Crespi Junior High (JC was a Spanish missionary and explorer in the Southwest)
  11. I went to De Anza Hight School (I think it was named after the Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza since our mascot was the “Don”).
  12. My high school was in Richmond.
  13. I lived in Richmond at the time.
  14. There was no way to drive from my house to my school without going through El Sobrante (sans off roading through people’s back yards).
  15. I love how California politicians drew the boundaries solely for their benefit.
  16. Our school district declared bankruptcy when I was in high school.
  17. My senior year I was the student representative to the school board.
  18. I got quoted in the newspaper, “This is like putting a band-aid on cancer,” regarding them not allowing students off campus during lunch.
  19. I was one of the speakers at my high school graduation.
  20. I went to UC Davis for my undergraduate.
  21. I majored in Genetics.
  22. I rowed on the crew all 4 years.
  23. I was in the lightweight boat meaning I had to weigh less than 160 lbs.
  24. That wasn’t a problem until my senior year.
  25. One race I had to loose 8 lbs before weigh-ins.
  26. It was surprisingly easy.
  27. I gained it back within minutes of stepping off the scale since it was all water/food weight.
  28. I met my wife, Susan, while we were at UC Davis.
  29. We went on a housebuilding trip to Tijuana, Mexico.
  30. We became good friends.
  31. We didn’t start dating till the following year.
  32. We first kissed on the last night of the 2nd trip to build houses.
  33. I believe it was New Year’s Eve.
  34. It’s possible I just imagined the fireworks after kissing her.
  35. I’m terrified I’m getting the details wrong.
  36. I think Susan will be very upset if I didn’t remember it right even though it was 10 years ago.
  37. We dated for 8 months until I had to leave for grad school.
  38. I went to Chicago by myself since she’s a year younger than me.
  39. I lived in a studio apartment 3 blocks from the edge of campus.
  40. I learned that 3 blocks is still a really long ways in the freezing cold.
  41. During the 7 years I lived there, I was always the first one in my lab to break out the winter coat and the last one to put it away.
  42. I am a Californian at heart.
  43. But I would love to live in Chicago; I think it’s a great town.
  44. I wish it was in California.
  45. And that at least one set of grandparents lived there.
  46. If those were true, we’d probably live there now.
  47. Susan moved to Chicago after my first year of grad school.
  48. I don’t think she really knew what she was getting into.
  49. We wouldn’t be able to move back for another 6 years.
  50. But she did get a husband half way through the stay, so I think the sacrifice was worth it.
  51. Grad school was great.
  52. Grad school sucked.
  53. Grad school made me love science.
  54. Grad school made me hate doing science.
  55. I have trouble rectifying #51-54.
  56. My dissertation was on the role of the breast cancer susceptibility gene, BRCA1, in the repair of DNA damage.
  57. I sometimes have a hard time explaining what I do in the lab to non-scientist.
  58. I find it difficult to give people enough information to keep them interested, but not enough to bore them.
  59. My mother addresses mail to me as Dr. Brian.
  60. She’s one of the only people who address me that way.
  61. The others are usually junk mail from biotech companies trying to get me to buy stuff for the lab.
  62. They usually address everyone that way so as to not offend anyone.
  63. I think it’s hilarious when an undergrad/graduate student gets their first junk mail addressing them as Dr. XXXX from one of these companies; they act like they hit the lottery.
  64. I probably acted the same way.
  65. I didn’t go to my PhD graduation.
  66. I defended my thesis and we got on a plane the next day for California.
  67. Susan was already living here.
  68. Our lease was running out and we didn’t want to sign another year lease since it wasn’t going to take that long to finish my research.
  69. So we bought a house and we moved to San Diego.
  70. I flew back and lived in a friend’s spare bedroom while I finished my research.
  71. We lived apart for about 2 months (can you see why #52 is true).
  72. I started my post-doc the Monday after we got back from Chicago.
  73. We stated the adoption process a few months later.
  74. We picked the wrong country/agency.
  75. It seemed like a good choice at the time.
  76. Our I-600A expired we waited so long.
  77. While it sucked at the time, I wouldn’t change a thing since we wouldn’t have ended up with our kids if we had picked Ethiopia in the first place.
  78. Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of getting the referral of our kids.
  79. I’m kind of surprised my whole life can be summed up in 78 statements.
  80. I guess I skipped the last year, but most of it is in the archives of this blog if you’d like to read.
  81. I love being a dad.
  82. It’s an insane amount of work, but worth every minute of the effort.
  83. My favorite colors are green and blue.
  84. I really like spicy foods.
  85. I once went to this creole restaurant and ordered a dish called “Hot as a mutha”.
  86. It was actually hotter than a mutha ‘cuz I couldn’t eat it.
  87. I like being able to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work.
  88. <<I left this spot intentionally blank for no good reason>>
  89. I am obsessed with my blog stats.
  90. I check them 5 times a day.
  91. I wouldn’t write this blog if no one read it.
  92. Writing isn’t therapeutic for me.
  93. But I enjoy entertaining/enlightening people immensely.
  94. I wish there were a feedback mechanisms so that I could hear you all laugh at my witty jokes.
  95. I really hope you laugh at at least some of my jokes.
  96. I started this post after my 10th post, figuring it would take a while to come up with 100.
  97. My first hit to this blog from a search engine was for “Ethiopian adoptions”
  98. The weirdest hit was from “spells to make you fly for kids.”
  99. I get a lot of elder abuse search engine traffic too for my post about wrestling with my kids.
  100. This is actually the 109th post on this blog, but it’s my 100th.