One year ago today we got our referral. I actually posted this in multiple places on the internet before I had this blog, but in case you haven’t seen it (or want to relive it with me), here’s what happened a year ago today:

I’m at home for the morning scraping grout in the bathroom, babysitting the carpet installers (can you tell we’re getting ready for kids), when then phone rings. I walk down to the other end of the house to get the phone. The caller ID has some number I don’t recognize and I contemplate letting
the answering machine get it since I didn’t really feel like talking to a telemarketer. I’m expecting WHFC to call on my cell phone, so I don’t think it is them (I guess it would have been helpful to know their area code), but for some reason I pick it up.

Sarah-“Hello is Brian or Susan there?”
Me thinking-Ahh, it must be WHFC, what telemarketer knows both our first names.

S-“This is Sarah from WHFC calling on behalf of MaryAnn”
M-Ahh, that’s why they called the house; our normal inter-agency social worker is traveling this week.

S-“Do you have time to talk”
M-Are you kidding? My house could be on fire right now and I’d still talk to you.

S-“I have some good news”
M-Well get on with it. I swear I felt like these four interactions took like 5 minutes.

S-“Do you have a pen?”
M-Ummm yeah…I had a pen out when you said WHFC!!!

Then she told us their names and birth dates. My hand was shaking so much that I messed up one of their names (didn’t quite get the hook on a “f”) so I thought it was a “t”). Then she said they’d be sending a FedEx package, which should get here today, with the rest of the information.

Then I realize that Susan’s is 1 hour into her 4 hour social work licensing exam. (Ironically, Susan said that morning that we were going to get a referral since it’s probably one of the only times she would be unavailable.) I contemplate going and telling the installation guys, but I just don’t think they will be very excited. So I call my mom, who’s not in her office. Call Susan’s mom who isn’t home. Call my Dad, who is home. Mom calls me back. Finish with the carpet guys. Realize where my MIL is
(on campus where I work). Stop by to see her before going into the lab. Susan calls hours later.

Susan passed her test. I still had the better news for the day. The carpet looks great BTW. I didn’t finish the grout removal needless to say.