Sorry I did not post last week that thing called work got in the way. This  past Monday was President’s Day, which meant that the kids and I were off from school and work.  A few weeks ago I had called our dentist, who has been my dentist since I was a child, to schedule dental appointments for the two older kids, Brian and myself.  He told me to come on President’s Day, and we will do a dental marathon of teeth cleaning.  

When Monday came it was pouring rain.  The whole back yard was flooded, and the poor dogs did not want to have to stay in the cold garage, while we went to the dentist appointment.  I felt bad for them.  I was also already tired at lunch time from the rainy weather, and the three kids were stir crazy having to be in the house all day.    We live in San Diego, so they are not used to this weather.  After lunch I had to give Estifanos 4 teaspoons of antibiotics, so he could get his teeth cleaned due to his heart condition.  I was a little worried because it looked like alot of medication.  He thought the pink medicine tasted good thankfully.

I was going to drive our minivan for only the second time ever.  I normally drive my jeep beecause that van just seems so big, but Brian had taken the jeep to work since I had all three kids.   I piled the three kids, rain soaked by this point on the trip from the house to the car into the van.  The kids were making fun of me because I would try to turn on the windshield wipers and the windows would go down.  I hate driving a newish car in the rain.  I had to teach myself where the defroster and lights and other gadgets were located.

 I drove slowly the few miles to my parents’ house to drop off the baby.  She was asleep when we go to my parents, so I had to move her in the rain.  That is never a fun task.  We  then slowly drove the 25 minute trip to the dentist.  The kids kept wanting to talk, and I kept saying “Mommy needs to pay attention to her driving.  Can this wait until we get to the dentist?”

We finally got to the dentist, and met Brian there.  I thought finally relief.  The fun then just started as we tried to keep a 4 and 5 year old entertained at the dentist office for 2 1/2 hours.  Estifanos kept trying to go back in the medical area with toy cars, and Meron kept rolling around on the floor. 

Meron wanted to go in and see Dave, our dentist completely on her own.  She was excited because he took xrays of her mouth, and determined that she should start losing her baby teeth in about a year.  She wiggles them every night, so hopefully that will speed up the process.    As the dental assistant took xrays of her teeth the machine was not working properly.  Meron told her,  “My Daddy can fix it. He makes everything work.”  She also tried to keep the glasses that they give you to wear during the teeth cleaning.  We had to explain to her that they have to be recycled. 

Estifanos on the other hand had been extremely excited to see the denist in the morning, but once we were there he reported, “I am not going back there by myself.”  He wanted his dad to accompany him for protection.

At the end of the day the three kids had new tooth brushes that they were proud of,  and all four of us had clean teeth.  The receptionist at the dentist office had asked me if I had been able to relax at all on my day off.  I simply said, “Just another day with my three kiddos, but I love being home with them.”