This is my weekly column where I tell you what I thought was interesting on the internet this week and you fail to actually click on any of them (OK some of you click on them, but I think I’m not selling them well enough since the click through rate is rather low. That, or maybe you all just read the same websites that I do). Anyway here it is, in no particular order:

  • Instacalc has a whole bunch of built in calculators. From sallery to BMI, if you’re trying to find a formula, this one will not only give it to you, but just fill in your numbers and it will give you the answers. Of course you can always make your own formulas. It even understads words (ie 1 billion works as well as 1,000,000,000 (hat tip lifehacker).
  • Assuming all my ramblings about firefox haven’t convince you to switch, here’s yet another reason to love firefox. If you love the auto suggestion when you type in a web page or in a text box, but there’s one (or 5) in there that you never use (perhaps they were typos), you can get rid of them by hitting shift-delete after selecting it. Now go delete from your suggestions window.
  • Here’s a video of Melisa Fay Greene talking about the Ethiopian orphan crisis (hat tip Ethiopian Adoption Blog).
  • Apparently denture cleaning tablets are great for cleaning all kids of stuff. And they’re cheap. Who knew?

Thats it. Maybe it was the “vacation” day on Monday. Or maybe I just forgot to tag something worth reading, but all I’ve got is 4 this week. Now you’ve got extra time to go install Firefox (or just hang out with your kids).

Oh I nearly forgot. I got blamed for an entire post on be a good dad and have a guest post about San Diego Traffic on The San Diego Beat almost doubling the number of blogs that link here. I can just see the google search traffic heading my way.