We came home last week to find that we didn’t have any water available from any of the taps. Susan spotted a water district truck in font of our house and found out that there was a water main break down the street and they wouldn’t have the water on until the next morning. At first we freaked out because 4 potty trained people and one bathroom is hard enough when you can actually flush the toilets. But then we remembered all that water I’ve been storing for the big earthquake. Problem averted (assuming the water came back on, which it did).

water storage in juice containtersHere’s my setup. After a juice container is finished I wash it out really well and let it dry (microorganisms generally can’t survive on dry surfaces). Then I fill it with water and store it in this cabinet above the refrigerator. It’s insanely deep, so the back part is useless except for stuff you never want to use. I’ve heard that behind your coach is also a good spot but ours isn’t against the wall.

The only trick is to remember to change out the water every so often. I have been marking mine with a number 1-12 corresponding to the month I filled it, but of course, I forget every other month to dump/refill them. I think I’m going to switch to all summer months since the garden needs more water then and it will give me less times I need to remember to do it.

Storing water for a (potty) emergency works for me.