Happy Thursday!! I learned five new things from my kids this week that I thought I would share.

5. When your one and a half year old starts potty training use clear language. We took her by her little toilet and said go potty. She went right on the carpet.

4. Children see no problem with wearing clothes with huge holes in them to school, or get sand stuck in their jacket and don’t think to shake it out until it ends up all over the dining room floor. You need to remind them to shake out clothes, shoes, and check for big holes in their clothes.

3. Don’t let your 21 month year old walk by herself with her backpack on a rainy day. No matter how much she complains about wanting to walk she will end up falling down into a puddle.

2. Every holiday is fun for kids. My eldest just reminded me about Chinese New Year, and the ever important Groundhog Day.

1. It is extremely crowded with 2 adults, 2 kids, and two huge dogs in a king size bed. I love waking up with them all in my bed though, no matter how sore it makes me.