One-sentence stories from this weekend (in chronological order):

Coming up with punishments that are related to the infractions is harder than it seems like it should be.

4 bedroom, 2600 square foot houses are 66% larger than our house, but don’t seem nearly as cavernous as I thought they would be.

The only thing more exciting to a 4 year old than ridding the trolley for the first time is getting to sit on the side of the trolley that allows you to travel backwards on the trolley.

The difference between Addis Ababa (the city) and baba (bottle) is lost on a 21 month old.

It’s a lot easier to pay attention to the priest when 2/3 of your children are at the step-out program.

The best part about having a child that requires you in the bedroom to fall asleep is it affords you time to write blog posts on your laptop.