I think, in the last two weeks, I have realized that my kids are growing up so fast. It seems unreal at times. As I thought about what to get Meron for her upcoming 6th Birthday next month, I wasn’t thinking as much about toys. We asked ourselves would she like? A video game system, a boom box, or maybe a TV for her room? Everyday she amazes me as she is growing from a preschooler/K to a young girl who is interested in art, music, and her friends. She is an amazing person in my life. Her self confidence and sense of humor makes my day.

Estifanos, in the last couple of weeks, attended step-out Bible study at church without me, which is huge progress on not needing Mommy. He also has been getting up in the morning and getting dressed all by himself. He is very proud of himself. He has begun sleeping on the top bunk of his bunk beds, and has almost learned how to write his whole name, although it is extremely long. I am so proud of the little boy he is turning into. He is such a kind and loving person. He wants to be a Shamu trainer or in the Olympics in gymnastics when he grows up.

Then there is my baby Yordie. She has begun using the toilet at times, and she now sleeps in a real bed. She also has become so much more independent in the last few weeks. I love her spunky personality she is developing. She is always happy. Last night, as my eldest was taking a bath, my two youngest kept saying “Mommy tickle,” and they would tickle me and love watching me laugh. I thought, “let me just embrace these moments because they grow up so fast.”