Another week, another set of things for you to read. A pretty random collection this week:

  • You know how Google maps has satellite view where you can make out the houses and such? Well apparently you can zoom in even further. I could only go to 19, but I could still make out cars and note that the fence we built 3 years ago isn’t there, so the image is a little old.
  • Last week it was a post on teaching your kids to burp. This week it’s teaching them to fart. You’ll only find this stuff on a dad blog.
  • The ultimate beer fridge. I think having one of these could get me to start drinking beer out of a can.
  • Got a kid who won’t try new foods? Use the costco sample effect to your advantage.

I had about 4 others tagged as possibilities, but none of them are really all that great, so you only get 4 this week. I’m trying to keep it high quality so you’ll be more likely to read it (since I bothered to write it).

If none of those tickled your fancy, check the web round up archives for more interesting stuff to read.