We are celebrating many Birthdays in the next couple of months around our house.  I thought of five things my kids have taught me about Birthdays.

5.   Birthdays as a child are not a day event, but rather a 3 month preparation for the event leading up to the big day.

4. Children who have never celebrated Birthdays need to have rituals explained to them. My daughter asked me the other day,  “I told my friends about my party, but how will they know where we live or when it is?” I then had to explain invitations.   

4.  Turning a year older means that you are a much “bigger girl or boy.”  There is also an assumption that you grow like a foot on your Birthday.

3.   Cupcakes always need to be made for Birthdays.

2. When you eat the cupcakes make sure the children are supervised, otherwise there is chocolate all over the house that you will be cleaning up for hours. Not that this happened to us.  

1. Birthdays are much more fun having three kids around the house.