Remember my review of Blue Fur to get myself a free domain name?  Well I used it to get a domain to set up a blog where I review biotech companies’ stock.  I’m trying not to associate the two blogs (obviously just from that one to this one, not vice versus) because I’m hoping to use it to land a new job.  I don’t really want potential employers to read everything about my family before I even interview.  So I linked to it in today’s web round up without identifying myself as the author.  I’ll delete this post in a few days so hopefully they won’t ever associate the two together.

And how would they be able to find out that I’ve linked to my own website?  In google you can search for and it will give you all the places that link to a site.  Here’s the places that link to this blog.

So go have a look at my new blog, learn something about science, leave a comment or two, subscribe to the feed, or just ignore it because you’re not interested in investing in biotech stocks.