Here’s the top 5 things I found on the web that you should be reading.  Not much parenting stuff, but good reads none the less:

  • Video of a sneezing panda.  You know it’s coming and it’s still funny (hat tip Jason at Dad Centric).
  • Got a few hours and a photoshop like program?  You can make a picture of your car look like the characters from the movie, Cars.  Even if you’re not planning on doing it, go have a look at the pictures in the link, they’re really quite impressive (hat tip Life Hacker).
  • Attention all Amazon bargain hunters.  I told you right before Christmas about a way to find only things that were on sale at Amazon, but it required some hacking of the URL.  Looks like Jungle Crazy will do all the work for you in finding stuff at Amazon that is at least 70% off (hat tip Life Hacker).
  • Not sure many of you will be interested in this, but if you’re interested in investing in small biotech stocks, there’s a new blog where the author analyzes one company at a time.  Go have a read if you’re looking for investment ideas.

4 again this week.  Either I’m slacking on the reading or my standards have gone up.  Anyway, if you need more to read, check out the old versions of the web round up.